How to Plan a Digital Vision Board Party

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Ever since I shared the vlog of my birthday digital board soirée, I received amazing feedback and request for the steps to plan your own. So here you have it, today I want to share 5 easy steps to plan your experience for you and your friends + templates for you to use to make the process seamless.

Ready? Let’s go!


The logistics are super important because this is the foundation for your event. The logistics breaks down into a couple of parts:

a. Date – Before scouting your location, you want to solidify a date, so you can ensure the location will be available.

b. Location – You have to scout out a location for you and your tribe to be able to come together. You can try sites like Airbnb or Peer space. They’re both super helpful when searching for a fun, comfy place.

c. Time – Decide what time of the day you want to host, it can be morning, afternoon, or evening but you want to gauge your crowd and the field of work they’re in.


You want to keep the menu simple and easy. Remember this is a Digital Vision Board Party and you don’t want it to be too messy. I highly recommend fruit platter, veggie platter, a pasta of some sort, and a desert. Also, you want to keep in mind dietary restrictions and allergies.

*Here’s a template I used for mine.


Once you have your invitation, this makes it super official. You can create a FREE one utilizing Canva where they have millions of templates available. It’s super user friendly and you ca either download it straight to your phone or computer. Make sure you include to RSVP, so that you can get an accurate headcount typically 1-2 weeks before your event and get the message out there.

4. CHECKLIST (Store Run)

Look, I’m a checklist type of chick because I can easily go into the store and overspend quickly. LOL So it’s easier to create a checklist and stick to it as much as possible. *Warning* It’s still possible to be tempted to grab a few additional things but the chances are slimmer when you have a list. I’m sharing my checklist that I used for mine here.

5. Set Up (Decorate)

It’s the day of your event and it’s time to set up and make it beautiful. This should be seamless since you have completed steps 1-4 and have everything in order. Make sure to add your very own personal touches and most importantly, HAVE FUN!


You may use Canva or Phonto to create your boards and I’ve also created these guiding questions to assist with the process of creating your digital vision board.

I hope this was super helpful, please leave a comment below if you’ve created a digital vision board before or if you plan to host one soon. I love the process and seeing everyone get creative to bring their vision together.

Here’s a couple from a Digital Vision Board party I recently hosted, super cute.

*If you prefer to hear me discuss these 5 tips, then check out the video here and don’t forget to subscribe!

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