10 Toxic Habits To Give Up

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So you want to gain confidence to walk in your why… Well first, you have to give up 10 toxic habits and you will become more confident in your calling. With the internet at our finger tips and social media around the clock, it’s easy to “get lost in the sauce” or stuck, for lack of better words. While many of us deal with things different;y, I’ve either struggled with these or people close to me have .

In this post, I’ll be sharing 10 toxic habits to give up in order to build your confidence. For me, giving up some of these things has brought me a peace of mind and clarity and I hope the same for you. So let’s jump right in. 1. Comparison

Comparison is a thief, it will literally steal every piece of joy inside of you. You need to understand that God created NO one man the same. Everyone is different and placed here to fulfill different purposes.

2. Negative Beliefs

What you tell your mind is exactly what you will believe. I know the word MANIFESTATION is overly used today, but seriously manifest the life you want and trust that God will make it happen.

3. Unhealthy Routine Practices

I’m sure we all can do better in this area. Different seasons in your life calls for different systems and routines, but the goal is to at least have healthy one’s. I’m sure not every routine is going to be perfect but the point is (waking up, grabbing your phone to scroll IG is NOT healthy) Find a balance!

4. Seeking approval or validation

Listen if you’re doing anything for the approval or validattion from anyone other than God then you don’t need to be doing it at all. No one has the ability or power to approve or verify who you are or whose you are. #VerifiedByGod

5. Lack of authenticity

In a world full of trends, just be you! No one is you and that is your gift boo. We don’t have the capacity to conform to the idea of what people think we should be. Plus, fakeness is like glass, we can see right through it.

6. Perfection

Progression over perfection! If you spend too much time thinking about how or why to do something. You’re going to think yourself right out of it. Small steps lead to big success. Think about a staircase, if you try to skip too many stairs, chances are you’re going to fall down. So avoid the perfection rat race and do what feels right and what you love to do.

7. Procrastination

Listen! I hate the P word because it ties with time management and chile, I’ve come to realize this is just not my strength. For some reason we tend to put off the things that are the hardest or will probably be the most beneficial. But, suck it up and get it done. Top three is something I’ve implemented and absolutely love because it hold be accountable. I can give 100% to those three versus a laundry list of to do’s that will frustrate me and keep me procrastinating.

8. Negative Connections

Be careful what you consume because energy is real and we feed into it. That includes but definitely not limited to the news, gossiping, pornography, or even people. You cannot expect positive things to happen for you and around you when you’re tied to these connections.

9. Past mistakes

Don’t allow yourself to be a prisoner of your story. Own your past mistakes, ask God for forgiveness and move forward. NO one is perfect and we all make mistakes (a sin is a sin, no matter how big or small) Also, anyone who hold your past mistakes over your head, obviously doesn’t respect your growth and doesn’t deserve to be around you.

10. Unhealthy Eating Healthy eating requires a lifestyle change. This definitely ties into you are what you consume. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean its good for you. A detox may be very necessary to get back on track. I’d definitely suggest meal prepping so you’re not tempted to frivolously spend on unhealthy foods.

And those are 10 toxic habits to give up right now to boost your confidence. I hope these 10 things help you out on your journey to being confident while walking in your calling. #WalkByFaithAndSlay + Pray!

Life is fragile, handle it with prayer.

Say this prayer, “Father God, we come to you today asking that you bind every negative though and comment spoken against us. Help us rebuild and regain our confidence. Help us to love ourselves and the gift that you’ve instilled in us. Please keep us aligned and positioned before you in Jesus name. Amen!”

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