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Growing up, I’ve always been super confident, organized and camera ready. At Georgia State University, I obtained my bachelors in Media Broadcasting and minor in Sociology. I knew I wanted to be in front of the camera and help people but I didn’t know the exact journey, so I said, “God’s Plan” and had faith.

Over the years, I’ve been your “go to girl” for either positive affirmations or organizational tips to help get your life in order. I began creating content and sharing parts of my life to empower women to LIVE confidently and foster positive relations.

Today, I’m a full time content creator on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok and I coach women to confidently walk in purpose to fulfill their mission here on earth.

We may not know what the future may hold but that’s why we #WalkByFaithAndSlay + Pray each and everyday because God will make a way!

Always #WalkByFaithAndSlay + Pray each and everyday because God will make a way.

Shakera Brinson

Meet Shakera

Digital Content Creator, Motherhood + Lifestyle Influencer

Growing up the oldest child, grandchild, friend, etc Shakera thought she had to have it all together and constantly strive for perfection. Life is So Sincere was born to show others that you don’t have to be perfect but progressing in a sincere way.

Shakera knew very early on that she wanted to break generational curses… She started working really hard early on taking on a “real job” at the age 14 to save money to buy her first car at 16. She was the first in her family to graduate high school early, work Full-Time and attend Georgia State University earning her B.A in Journalism concentration Media Broadcasting, minor in Sociology.

She’s always been known as a positive inspiration to so many BUT the reality was she was dealing with her own struggles in private. Being there for others, being that positive light is her security, honestly her GOD GIVEN GIFT!

She knew she wanted to impact the lives of others by sharing her testimony and parts of her sincerest life. She’s always dreamed of hosting her own TV show. Following graduation, she discovered her capabilities as a teacher. She taught First Grade for three years then left to pursue her passion as a Digital Content Creator, while being a stay at home mom to her SONshine Sincere. Here she is, a passionate content creator who #WalkByFaithAndSlay + Pray living to empower others to live confidently in purpose while building family wealth.

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Atlanta, GA

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